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There is no doubt that women’s health is a hot topic right now. You can’t escape the conversation, whether it's on TV, social media, or just with your friends. But the problem is that there is so much “noise” it may be hard to separate the facts from what is being sensationalized. 

So let’s talk about it. We want to help you understand what Roe vs. Wade actually means and how A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic can help if you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant. 


Clearing the Confusion

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) recently released its final decision about whether abortion is a constitutional right. Ultimately, the justices voted to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

So what does this mean for you – abortion is no longer a nationwide right, giving the power back to each individual state to either support or ban abortion procedures. 

In the state of Florida, abortions are currently legal, but there are specific restrictions that govern the procedure:

  1. Necessary State Directed Counseling
  2. Education on Different Types of Abortions and Costs
  3. Required Parental Consent for Minors
  4. Required Ultrasounds
  5. Florida legislature passed HB 5/SB 146, banning most abortions in the state after 15 weeks. (effective July 1, 2022)

Every state may create different laws surrounding this deeply personal subject. Now is the time for you to equip yourself with medically accurate information that will give you clarity on all of your choices.


We Can Help

If you find yourself facing an unexpected pregnancy, we will support and educate you through all your options. While our clinics do not perform abortions, our staff understands what you are going through and is ready to provide you with free education and care for your specific needs. Our free services include:

  • Pregnancy Counseling
  • Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • STD/STI Testing
  • Well-Woman Care

The team at A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic can help you work through everything you’re feeling and provide the medically accurate information you need to help you make your decision. 

The decision about your pregnancy is one only you can make, but it’s not a decision to be made out of fear. Rushing into the decision for an abortion without fully considering all of your options can lead to feelings of regret, grief, and confusion. You deserve to be fully prepared both physically and mentally. 

We encourage you to visit our website to learn more about who we are and how we can help empower you to make positive decisions for your future. We are ready to give you the exceptional care you deserve in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment. All you need to do is take it one step at a time: schedule an appointment at one of our four locations, show up, and get the support you need.