You're Pregnant. Now What?

If you find yourself facing an unexpected pregnancy, we will support you and educate you through all your options. We provide free education and care for your specific needs, including free ultrasounds, to confirm your pregnancy’s gestational age and answer many important questions. We will even help you know how to have any necessary conversations with your loved ones.
You are in control, whether you decide abortion, parenting, or adoption. Our safe and confidential environment is a great place to set achievable goals for your future and receive ongoing support.



Women choose to terminate a pregnancy through abortion for many reasons. Because abortions are medical procedures, you’ll need specific information to determine the type of abortion and its cost. An ultrasound will provide you with that necessary information.

Decisions about abortion are very difficult. It may seem like the easiest and quickest path out of an uncomfortable situation, but it often has long-term effects. Get educated on the types of abortion procedures and their risks before deciding, so you can be fully empowered and in control.



Parenting is both rewarding and challenging. It is beautiful to experience another life growing inside of you and even more amazing to experience the birth of your baby. Parenting includes the joy of watching your infant developing his or her unique personality, interests, and talents; but, one of your most essential needs as a parent is having support through those growing years. We can help you find the support you’ll need if it isn’t readily available to you.
The thought of becoming a parent may feel overwhelming to you right now. You’re not alone. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Learn about the many community resources that are available and attend our one-on-one support classes. We’re here to help you with everything from learning to be an effective parent and earning many of the items you will need for your baby to apply for Medicaid and WIC programs, which can assist you with medical expenses and food for yourself and your baby. We are also happy to refer you to local prenatal care providers near you. It is essential to have medical exams regularly throughout your pregnancy to ensure you and your baby are healthy.



There are many benefits to choosing adoption and a wide range of adoption plans available. You may not be ready to become a parent or feel that you can’t properly support your child. Whatever the reason, adoption is a brave and noble choice. Before you decide, gather as much information as possible about adoption to make an educated decision. Developing an adoption plan empowers you to create a positive future for your child and yourself.
Adoption today is very different than it used to be. You can select a family, meet that family, and have continued updates about your baby. Your child can know about you and why you chose an adoption plan. A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic will support your decision and connect you with additional resources in Tampa Bay. You can also receive one-on-one support as you determine if adoption is right for you and your child.


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