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Joselyn’s life was complicated. She was separated from her husband when she discovered she was pregnant. To add to the complexity of her circumstances, it was not her husband’s baby. 

Her mother suggested she schedule an appointment at A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic. When she walked through our doors she had no idea what she was going to do. She was not in a serious relationship with the baby’s father, and she didn’t think her husband would ever forgive her. 

She fully expected to be judged by the team at A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic.  Instead, she was met with compassion and care. 

About our staff, Joselyn said, “They always 100% listened and made sure I was okay. I cried 80% of the time I was there, just because I was so appreciative of not feeling like I was being judged.” 

Her story has an incredible ending that she couldn’t have seen when we first met her. She vulnerably shares it with you in this short video.



An unplanned pregnancy comes with different and difficult decisions — abortion, adoption, motherhood. A hindsight perspective like Joselyn’s, along with support from women like the staff at A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic, helps inform decisions in those early weeks and months.


If you’re pregnant, it’s okay to feel whatever you're feeling. Feel the fear, disappointment, excitement, anger, and numbness, and let your emotions co-mingle and shift as needed. Remember, whatever you're feeling, someone else has felt that way too. 


You Have Options and Support


At A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic, our staff understands the uncertainties that accompany pregnancy or an unexpected test result. If you would like to meet with someone who understands your situation and will offer you accurate information in a confidential environment, we’re here for you. Our services are free. 


There’s no judgment here. We want to meet you where you are, and in doing so we are committed to valuing your needs and concerns above all else. We have qualified medical professionals and trained staff who are ready to listen and help. You are not alone.

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