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When Glenda found out she was pregnant, she had so many mixed emotions.

She found herself in a one-sided relationship and knew she couldn’t rely on the baby’s father for support. Not knowing what steps to take first, her friend recommended she contact A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic. Glenda found the professional medical care she needed at no cost. She also received something else she wasn’t expecting. She was met with compassion, understanding, and a non-judgemental listening ear.

In sharing her experience with A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic, Glenda said, “It’s an amazing experience to know there are people who actually care about you. You opened up my eyes that it’s okay to be a single mother...sometimes it’s not what we would decide or even would have wanted for our kids, but maybe it’s the best thing.”

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You Have Options and Support


At A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic, our staff understands the uncertainties that accompany pregnancy or an unexpected test result. If you would like to meet with someone who understands your situation and will offer you accurate information in a confidential environment, we’re here for you. 

We put ourselves in your shoes, and in doing so we are committed to valuing your needs and concerns above all else. We have qualified medical professionals and trained staff who are ready to listen and help. You are not alone.

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