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Shock. Fear. Worry.


Those are just some of the emotions many women feel when they find out they are unexpectedly pregnant.


Rachel was just seventeen when she took a positive pregnancy test.


I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I was so young. My boyfriend was also seventeen. I thought we were being safe and everything. All the stereotypes about teenage moms played through my head. What was I going to do? How could I tell my parents?


An unplanned pregnancy carries a lot of emotions and turmoil. As the reality of the news sinks in, there will be some decisions to make.


What is the best option for meparenting, adoption, or abortion?


What will happen to my relationship with my partner?


What do these decisions mean for my future?


You don’t have to make those decisions alone. A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic provides free medical services and reproductive health education, empowering and supporting you in making holistic, healthy choices. We can help you know how to talk to your loved ones, how to approach decision-making, and how to unpack the details behind each decision.


Making Decisions About Your Unplanned Pregnancy


How Do I Confirm My Pregnancy?

You’ll want to confirm your pregnancy with a lab-grade pregnancy test and ultrasound. An ultrasound will determine if the pregnancy is viable and tell you how long you have been pregnant.


A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic offers free pregnancy testing and confidential counseling about your decision, as well as the option for a free ultrasound.


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Who Should Be Involved?

In an ideal world, if you and your partner have been sexually active, you should have already had a conversation about how you would handle an unplanned pregnancy. Unfortunately, many women are afraid to have that conversation until it has become their reality.


Ultimately, the choice is up to you. You can allow your partner to express his opinions and beliefs, but you will have the final say. Be prepared for disagreements. That’s a normal part of this experience.


If you’re under 18, we recommend including your parents in your decision. Although, they cannot force you to make a specific decision, it’s important to keep open communication with them—especially if you feel you will need their financial help to raise the child.


What is most important is that you take a deep breath and make sure you fully understand all the choices available to you. At A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic, we believe knowledge is power. Be sure you are informed and know the costs and risks involved for your body, your health, and your future.


What Are Your Choices?

You have three pregnancy choices:





A Closer Look At Your Options


Becoming a Parent

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging. It is beautiful to experience another life growing inside of you, and even more amazing to experience the birth of your baby. Parenting includes the joy of watching your infant gradually develop his or her unique personality, interests, and talents; but, one of your most essential needs as a parent is having support through those growing years. We can help you find the support you’ll need if it isn’t readily available to you.


Choosing Adoption

There can be many benefits to choosing adoption and there are a wide range of adoption plans available. Before you decide, gather as much information as possible about adoption so you can make an educated decision.


Considering Abortion

Decisions about abortion are very difficult. It may seem like the easiest and quickest path out of an uncomfortable situation, but it often has long-term negative effects. Get educated on the types of abortion procedures and their risks before you decide, so you can be fully empowered and in control.


We Believe In You!

You have big decisions to make, but you can do it!


Consider writing down your thoughts, feelings, and fears about your pregnancy options. Try to clarify your values, beliefs, and circumstances. Share your thoughts with someone safe who will support and guide you and give you objective counsel.


Throughout our history, A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic has served thousands of women and their partners. Our staff and volunteers understand the situations and questions many women face regarding their reproductive health. We provide a confidential, caring environment where you can be empowered with the information and support you need to make the choice that’s best for you—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.