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Every day, whether you like it or not, you have to make choices for your future self.  We all do. Whether it's about how you spend your money and time, or how to handle unexpected circumstances in your life, making tough decisions is something that is bound to happen.


According to Dr. Travis Bradberry, expert and author on emotional intelligence, the most successful people seek outside counsel when faced with a major decision. "Their perspectives help you weigh your options more objectively and to spot your subjective or irrational tendencies," said Bradberry.  


If you want to truly be empowered to make the best choices for your future, educate yourself on all your options, and seek out counsel. Relying solely on your own instincts may move you in a less empowering direction.


Unplanned Circumstances

We meet with many women who are at the precipice of a life-changing decision. They are pregnant and struggling with what they should do next. What is the best decision for their future? And how will that decision affect them now?


Some are strongly considering an abortion. What matters most at that decision-making moment is HER life today and tomorrow. That’s understandable. With the stakes so high, she may not clearly see the lifetime impact that comes from removing that unborn life inside of her.

Having heard the mantra over and over again: “My body. My Choice,” many women have confused that to mean “My Body. My Only Choice is Abortion.”  


If women only look to corporations, politicians, and activists for education on the value of human life, it’s understandable that there is so much confusion. An abortion sounds better than raising a baby in a toxic relationship, or needing to drop out of college, or being a single mother, or any of the host of other concerns pregnant women face.


We see “My body. My Choice” differently.


A woman should value her body.  Absolutely.


And, precisely because the stakes are so high, she should also be fully educated and equipped about ALL of her choices.


Empowering, Equipping, and Supporting

If you’re faced with an unexpected pregnancy, A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic will support and educate you through ALL of your options. Our clinic is a safe and confidential environment where you can set achievable goals, have ongoing support, and be prepared for your future. We can even help you engage with your loved ones as you have those needed conversations about your pregnancy.


This is why, after knowing all of the options and weighing them objectively, the majority of our clients choose life for their unborn children, even if they walked through our doors certain they wanted to have an abortion. We are here to support our clients every step of the way, even after the birth of their baby.


We offer women the compassion, hope, and help necessary to carry their babies to term and still pursue their dreams. Last year alone, our clinics provided women with more than $750,000 of free services.


Please stop by one of our clinics and talk to us about your choices. There’s no judgment here, only people who will love and empower you through your circumstances. We have qualified medical professionals and trained counselors on staff who are eager to listen and help address your concerns.