Even for women in the best relationships, Valentine's Day can feel like a lot of pressure. It feels like the expectation for the whole holiday revolves around the perfect date night. 


That's why this year, we're choosing to focus on Galentine's Day instead.


You may be wondering, "What's Galentine's Day?" Um…only one of the best holidays of the year.


Fictional character Leslie Knope started it on the TV sitcom Parks and Recreation. She created Galentine's Day so we can celebrate all of the best gals in our life because they're worth it. And don't worry! Galentine's Day won't infringe on your Valentine's date night (that is, if you have one) because we celebrate it on February 13.


Our female friendships are like a life force for us, and a lot of them last way longer than many romantic relationships. It's our girl squad that is always there for us, has been a big part of our lives for decades, and has been our proven support network through thick-and-thin. We shouldn't under-value having close friends. So, it doesn't matter if you're in a relationship or not, celebrating Valentine's Day or not. February 13 is a chance to give some love to your female friends.


We recommend sharing how you feel about your gal pals in a letter. Whether it's your mom, best friend, or sister, tell them that you love having them in your life today. Here's a sweet Galentine letter between two close friends to inspire you.


Hey, Sista


This year, I'm glad we're celebrating our friendship on Galentine's Day! I've always loved Valentine's Day, but over the years it has become more painful to face it alone. Celebrating with girlfriends like you can only make things better. We don't need guys to feel confident or loved. We just need a few chick flicks, some pizza, and a whole lot of ice cream, am I right? 


You have been by my side longer than anyone else. We have shared ups and downs, different hair colors, life milestones, apartments, heartbreaks, and enormous amounts of love. 


Thanks for always making me laugh until I cry. Like the time you sang the Star-Spangled Banner at karaoke night and our table of friends stood up and put their hand on their hearts. I mean, who even sings the Star-Spangled Banner at karaoke night? You do, girl! You do! 


We have fallen in love and had our hearts broken. Remember how we made a pinky promise before we left for college that we would always tell each other if we didn't like each other's boyfriend? You were so good about holding up your side of the deal. You told me that Bobby Basconi was all wrong for me, which was only confirmed a few months later he ran for the hills and left the broken pieces of my heart all over my dorm room floor. You made sure I wasn't alone, and you never judged me for taking a year to get over him. Thanks for always being honest and for doing hard things with me. 


Let's always remind each other how great we all are and how we deserve the best guys out there. Not just someone to spend this romantic holiday with. We deserve guys that will show they love us every day of the year. We are all going to find our person one day, but until then, let's all be happy that we're single. The right guy will make his entrance when the time is right.


I thank God for you every day and how we feel less like friends and more like family. I have loved sharing in every milestone, whether it been graduations, the loss of a loved one, a new job, or my first house. I will never forget these moments, and the privilege it has been to be a part of such huge events. And, we'll be together for the big moments yet to come, like marriage and babies. 


I also enjoy the small moments, like our This is Us nights, our coffee-and-conversation-on-the-couch times, our annual Friendsgivings, the many crazy birthday parties we've thrown together, and everything in between. We have shared concerts, vacations, and even the stomach bug. (Yuck!) But, there's one thing we share, that I think outranks everything else, and that's our love. We share so much admiration and respect for each other, and that makes me grateful for every moment spent together.


As we remember that this is the time of our lives when we get to discover who we are and what we like, let's throw on some music, slap that mud mask on, and let our hair down. There's so much to love about our lives right now. 


Happy Galentine's Day,

Your Gal Pal Forever


Enjoy Galentine's Day this year, and celebrate it however you want. Do a spa day, go four-wheeling, sing karaoke (maybe even the Star-Spangled Banner), go mountain climbing, watch movies, or get your crafting-thing-on. Go ahead! Cut loose, and have fun in whatever way makes you and your besties the happiest. 


Whether you're single or in a relationship this year, Happy Galentine's Day to you and all your girlfriends!