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Like any 19-year-old, immediate fear, disbelief, and panic overcame my body when I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t ready to be a mom. What about school? What will my parents say? How will I afford to raise a child? I was still a kid myself. 

I read about the abortion pill online and thought it would be the best choice, so I scheduled my appointment. I met with the doctor, had my exam, and was given a pill to start the process. That was it. I made my decision, and now there was no turning back. 

On my way home, I was filled with guilt. What did I just do? I made the wrong decision. 

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. So many women quickly decide to have an abortion only to be filled with regret afterward. But there is hope and a possible solution - abortion pill reversal. 

Let’s talk about it.

What is the abortion pill?

To understand abortion pill reversal, we must first discuss the abortion pill. The abortion pill, otherwise called a medical abortion, is the two-pill process used to terminate a viable pregnancy. The first pill, mifepristone, is prescribed within the first seven to ten weeks of pregnancy and stops a woman’s womb from being able to absorb progesterone. Without progesterone, the unborn child cannot receive nutrients, and the pregnancy will fail. 

The second drug, misoprostol, is taken at home up to 48 hours later and causes cramping and bleeding to empty the uterus. 

Over half of American abortions occur via the abortion pill. But it’s not as simple as taking a few medications. There are risks, the possibility of severe side effects, potential infections, drug misuse, and other complications. It’s a decision that needs to be made with complete information under a physician’s supervision. 

(Do not confuse the abortion pill with the emergency contraception, Plan B. They are two unrelated medications used for different reasons. Click here for more details about the abortion pill vs. Plan B.) 

Can the abortion pill be reversed?

The simple answer is yes. 

If completed in time, the abortion pill effects can often be reversed. Statistics show that the process has saved 65% of pregnancies for women seeking reversal.

How does abortion pill reversal work?

If a woman changes her mind after starting a medical abortion, she may be eligible to begin the reversal process. 

Abortion pill reversal works by using progesterone, the natural hormone that is necessary to sustain a pregnancy. By giving extra progesterone, the goal is to out-compete the mifepristone and reverse the effects of the abortion pill. Remember that natural progesterone can only be given to women who have not yet taken the second abortion pill, misoprostol. The key is to begin within the first 24 hours after taking mifepristone

What do I do to reverse my decision safely?

Because time is of the essence, immediately contact the staff at A Woman’s Place Medical Clinic, your medical provider, or call the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline at 877-558-0333 to be connected with a doctor in your area. 

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and have any questions regarding abortion or abortion pill reversal, we are here for you. Our compassionate staff will meet you where you’re at and provide you with medically accurate information to help you make this deeply personal decision. Let us be there to walk you through this process. Contact one of our four locations today. 


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