What Clients Are Saying

"The facility was clean, calm, comfortable and quiet; but the staff is what makes this place!" ~ Client Mar. 2019

"Everyone is open and real. You guys nailed it!" ~  Client Feb. 2019

"Informative staff" ~ Client Jan. 2019

"Supportive, loving, attentive listeners" ~ Client Nov. 2018

"I'm so happy to know that there are peaceful places like this for women. You ladies bring hope to people who almost gave up." ~ Client Oct. 2018

"We felt support and care regardless of the decision we make.  The world needs more of that!" ~ Client in July 2018

"I appreciated the welcoming feeling from the staff and all the resources that have been offered to me." ~ Client June 2018

"The people are respectful and understanding." ~ Client 2018

"Nurse was knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions." ~ Client in May 2018

"Everything was great, it just couldn't have been better." ~ Client in May 2018

“I love how understanding and caring they are.  I felt really comfortable opening up about things.  The center is clean and very welcoming.” ~ Client in April 2018

“From my initial call through the end of my visit everyone was encouraging, well mannered, and professional. This place is amazing!” ~ Client in April 2018

“The environment is comfortable and welcoming. Everyone was respectful and informed. I'm grateful for the help I received today. ~ Client in March 2018

"Not judgy of my situation." ~ Client in March 2018

"Staff is rad!  I felt accepted." ~ Client in March 2108

"For me, this clinic was extremely helpful!"~ Client in Feb 2018

“Everyone was very kind and helpful.” ~ Client in January 2018

“I feel comfortable and safe.” ~ Client in January 2018

“The love and sincerity that is offered, with full support and understanding.” ~ Client in January 2018

“They actually take the time out to listen.” ~ Client in January 2018

“Everyone is extremely kind, supportive, and understanding. I felt very comfortable.” ~ Client in January 2018

“I like the passion they have for patients.” ~ Client in December 2017

“I felt very welcomed. Very friendly and helpful, nonjudgmental. Stay consistent, don’t change. Thank you!” ~ Client in December 2017

“What I love best about the center is the comfort the staff provided and knowledge about where I am.” ~ Client in December 2017

“I felt very comfortable and all my questions got answered. I was also provided with a lot of wonderful help! You’re doing awesome! Thank you.” ~ Client in December 2017

“The staff member slowed me down and helped me discuss all my concerns and fears. She was extremely helpful and gave me very useful information.” ~ Client in December 2017

“The ambiance is so nice! Respectful staff, helpful resources, and calming environment!” ~ Client in December 2017

“She took the time to hear my situation.” ~ Client in December 2017

“Caring, understanding, non-judgmental, compassionate, very helpful for people with no income.” ~ Client in December 2017

“Everyone is nice and helpful and information is great.” ~ Client in December 2017

“Very respectful.” ~ Client in December 2017

“Comfortable and confidential environment.” ~ Client in December 2017

“Caring attitude.” ~ Client in December 2017

“Friendly, assuring, loving staff.” ~ Client in December 2017